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These sites are depositories of stories written by site users, which explore the myriad of fantasy lives, that each of us keeps buried somewhere deep inside. So what is a fantasy?

A fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or group that has no basis in reality but expresses certain desires or aims on the part of its creator. Fantasies typically involve situations which are not real (such as the existence of magic powers) or are at best highly unlikely. Fantasies can also be sexual in nature. Another, more basic meaning of fantasy is something which is not real, or cannot be real.  Fantasy is imagination unrestricted by reality.

The reason we are so titillated by our fantasies is that we recognize them as aberrant and outside of the boundaries of reality. They create an emotional response inside us that we know to be wrong socially or materially and yet these thoughts appear real in our minds eye or in the actual moment.

Indulging in fantasies can be as mundane as tiptoeing through the tulips or as impossible as touching a star. Actually living a fantasy can be down right dangerous to us physically as well as emotionally. There is a fine line to walk when fantasy becomes reality especially when it evolves other people whose fantasy may differ even just slightly from that of our own.

There is an old catch line from Saturday night live: “Don’t you hate it when that happens”, which is usually preceded by a grossly inappropriate statement of totally aberrant behavior as if that behavior was commonplace.  Fantasies, especially sexual fantasies, are very much like this comedic device that snaps the listener from one emotion to another to create a laugh. So can a realized fantasy snap a person from lust to disgust in the space of the moment. A wrong word or an unexpected physical response can quickly turn the dreamlike fantasy state into a horrific nightmare.

Realized fantasies are no longer fantasies. They become something else entirely. That something can be good or bad depending upon whether it benefits you emotionally and physically or depreciates you emotionally or physically. For some, a role-play fantasy is a healthy form of fun and recreation and for others it can be an emotional perversion and as such quite destructive.

These sites make no judgments about such things and we offer these archives for the simple, albeit prurient, viewing pleasure of our readers.

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